The Black Big Guy V2 tank Kit

Black V2 Big Guy Kit

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Standing at 5", this device gives a whopping kick at 5V. With its sleek design and ease of use, you are sure to feel the difference immediately and enjoy it. Comes with:

Product features: 

  • slim and sleek design

  • shut-off feature (press button 5 times fast to turn off - repeat to turn back on)

  • optional accessories (please see accessories page for complete list)

  • durable 


Click here to see our recommended nicotine level chart.

How Do I Set Up The Big Guy?

  • Fully recharge the batteries prior to first use.  Recharge time will generally be 3-5 hours for a full charge

  • Unscrew the silver bottom of the Big Guy device and insert the batteries (positive side towards the top of the device)

  • Screw the cover back on to the Big Guy

Filling the tank: 

  • Hold the tank upside down

  • Unscrew the bottom cap

  • Fill along the side of the tank (if it gets into the center hole - it will leak out the tip)

  • Then, screw on bottom cap

  • After filling, prime the Tank by taking a couple of puffs in and out WITHOUT pressing the button)

  • To vape, hold down the button on the side of the Big Guy and draw in like a regular cigarette.  Hold the button down until you finish taking a draw and then let go of the button.


Turning your device on and off


  • To turn your device off, press the button on the device 5 times in rapid succession until you see the light blink.  Do the same to turn it on.


We do recommend having an extra atomizer or tank on-hand just in case your atomizer / tank does burn out.


Rechargeable batteries are safe and reliable when used properly. If you misuse or abuse the battery it may leak or in some extreme cases it may present a fire hazard or explosion. Please understand Dropsmoke does not accept liability for damages arising from misuse or abuse. Please follow safety instructions


Please be careful when using any atomizers.
Pressing the button too long can cause the atomizer to overheat. If this happens, stop using the atomizer until it returns to a safe temperature.
Do not carry the device in your pocket with sharp, metal or bulky items. Carry the device in a case to prevent accidental discharges. Also turn off the device when not in use or when you place it into your pocket.






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