The Monster Kit


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Standing at 5.75", this device gives a whopping kick at a straight 6V. With its durable design and great looks this is truly the device that as a heavy smoker or even casual smoker or even if you don't smoke at all! You are sure to enjoy it. Comes with:

Product features:

  • straight 6v device 

  • extremely durable

  • amazingly cool look

  • yes, its a little bigger than our other 2 devices, but that's why its called the MONSTER! 

Click here to see our recommended nicotine level chart.


You atomizer is the heating element. 

It has a filament inside that creates the vapor. 

If there is no juice inside, the atomizer will 'burn-out'. 

If there is too much juice, it will flood the atomizer. 

If you press the device button and you don't 'puff', it will also 'burn-out'

'Rule of thumb': Three drops of juice is like your cigarette, 8-12 puffs. No need to sit there and count, if you feel the flavor waning, add three more drops. Yes, you will taste the difference between the flavor and the empty atomizer.

Proper care of your atomizer will ensure that it lasts long.

We do recommend having an extra atomizer on-hand just in case your atomizer does burn out.




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